Welcome to Saint Mary Academy 2015 National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence

“Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old, they will not turn from it.”
- Proverbs 22:6

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Pre-School To 8th Grade

Our school community is a place where all students are provided opportunities to grow spiritually, academically and socially. The faculty and staff are committed to academic excellence and assisting students in reaching their greatest potential and realizing their gifts and talents. At Saint Mary Academy we strive to challenge and engage all students and promote collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving in an environment deeply rooted in our Catholic faith. We grow closer to God and one another through daily prayer, retreats, weekly Mass, service and our Stewardship Program. As a school family, we are all called to be the heart and hands of Christ in service to one another.

Prospective families are welcome to visit Saint Mary Academy.

Individual tours provide families with the opportunity to visit classrooms, learn about our
curriculum, meet faculty and staff and ask questions.

  • Refugee Simulation
  • 7/8th Grade Toy Bowl Champions
  • Quick Recall Participants
  • First Day Of School
  • Holidays
  • Living Rosary
  • Pep Rallies
  • Monarch Award Winners
  • Veterans Day
  • Spelling Bee and Geography Bee
  • 2018 Graduation

7th Grade - Homeless and Refugees

Our students are working on increasing awareness of the needs for all of God’s children; particularly the homeless and refugees. As part of our Religious instruction, we welcomed Catholic Charities to set up a Refugee camp simulation and the students experienced the hardships that these families face as they struggle to survive, receive shelter, and create a better life. It was an eye-opening event for our 7th grade students. Not only did it increase awareness but help create an empathetic heart and desire to make a difference in our world.

7th/8th Grade Toy Bowl Champions

Quick Recall Participants

City Champions!

7/8 Quick Recall Team:

Jillian Reynolds, Christian Kosek, Abby Rutledge, Grant Falls, Brady Davis, Elaina Ralston, Will Harris


Runner-Up in the city
6th Grade Team:
Coaches: Emily Austin and Jill Lemmenes

Meredith Allen, Natalie Austin, Kyle Krupp, Grant Lemmenes, Conrad Morris, Alex Nguyen, O’Rielly Riedling

First Day Of School


Living Rosary

During the months of October and/or May, we honor Our Mother Mary and celebrate the Rosary by creating and praying a “Living Rosary”. A living rosary is when people are used to represent each bead of the rosary and lead us in prayer. The aim of this prayer is to bring our community together in a prayerful way and to share in the holy ritual of praying the rosary.

Pep Rallies

Monarch Award Winners

This award is given to one student from each homeroom in grades 3-8 who demonstrates the following attributes: shows effort, has a positive attitude, demonstrates appropriate behavior, models our Peace Builders principles, and is a Christian example for others.
List of Monarch Winners for this year:

  • Amelia Nichter, Kenna Cooper – 3rd Grade
  • Victoria Le, Ann Douglas Lewis – 4th Grade
  • Remy Hourigan, Quinn Wilson – 5th Grade
  • Luke Rigling, Olivia Raible – 6th Grade
  • Elayna Foote, Brady Davis – 7th Grade
  • Emma Piegols, Riley Adkins – 8th Grade
  • Kimberly Christensen, Logan Hancock – 3rd Grade
  • Kalyn Sonne, Kellen Ralston – 4th Grade
  • Jenna Sutter, Connor Gowin  – 5th Grade
  •  Alex Nguyen , Ava Hendrick – 6th Grade
  •  Riley Hourigan ,Erin Hynes – 7th Grade
  • Adam Boone, Jack Wells – 8th Grade
    • Sarah Skarbo, Addy Ayres – 3rd Grade
    • Ryan Lundy, Hudson Keats– 4th Grade
    • Grace Bennett, Hayden Stamps  – 5th Grade
    •  Lydia Smith, Sophia Esarey – 6th Grade
    •  Colin Hazlet, Davan Alvey – 7th Grade
    • Bradley Reynolds, Vittoria Riedling – 8th Grade

Veterans Day

Every year, our 4th graders present a Veteran’s Day performance. After learning about Veterans in class, the 4th grade works hard to put on a performance to honor our Veterans. Veterans and their families are welcomed to school to come to this show and join the 4th graders for a reception.

Spelling Bee and Geography Bee

Geography Bee Winners (Left to Right):

Nick Rutledge (3rd Place)

Grant Lemmenes (2nd Place)

Chase Hamilton (1st Place)

2018 Graduation

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About Saint Mary Academy

The mission of Saint Mary Academy is to educate students spiritually, academically, emotionally and socially through a curriculum rooted in the Roman Catholic faith.
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Our Core Values

Building a foundation for lifelong learning by:


Opening hearts to faith
Opening minds to knowledge
Opening hands to service
Opening eyes to the world
Achieving extraordinary lives

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Quick Reference

  • Director of Admissions:
    (502) 315-2550
  • School Office:
    (502) 315-2555
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Upcoming Events

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    • Thanksgiving Luncheon


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