Saint Mary Academics

A Saint Mary Academy education focuses on academic excellence through a curriculum rooted in the Roman Catholic faith.

Saint Mary Academy’s curriculum follows regulations specified by the Kentucky State Department of Education and the curriculum framework developed by the Archdiocese of Louisville. The Archdiocese of Louisville has adopted a framework based on Common Core Standards for English/Language Arts, the Next Generation Science Standards, the New York State Framework for Social Studies, and the National Teaching of Mathematics for math.. Saint Mary Academy faculty provides intervention and acceleration in order to meet student needs. Our goal is for each and every student to progress according to the best of his/her ability.

A copy of the Archdiocese Curriculum Handbook is available on the Louisville Archdiocese website.

  • Refugee Simulation
  • Quick Recall Participants
  • First Day Of School
  • Holidays
  • Living Rosary
  • Monarch Award Winners
  • Veterans Day
  • Spelling Bee and Geography Bee
  • 8th Grade
  • Field Day

7th Grade - Homeless and Refugees

Our students are working on increasing awareness of the needs for all of God’s children; particularly the homeless and refugees. As part of our Religious instruction, we welcomed Catholic Charities to set up a Refugee camp simulation and the students experienced the hardships that these families face as they struggle to survive, receive shelter, and create a better life. It was an eye-opening event for our 7th grade students. Not only did it increase awareness but help create an empathetic heart and desire to make a difference in our world.

Quick Recall Participants

7/8 Quick Recall Team:

Natalie Austin, O’Rielly Reidling, Conrad Morris, Alex Kuhn, and Grant Lemmenes

6th Grade Team:
Coach: Stacey Rutledge 

Katie Falls, Chloe Cavanaugh, Maddie Hawkins, Nick Rutledge, Abram Mizelle and Thomas Meyer

First Day Of School


Living Rosary

During the months of October and/or May, we honor Our Mother Mary and celebrate the Rosary by creating and praying a “Living Rosary”. A living rosary is when people are used to represent each bead of the rosary and lead us in prayer. The aim of this prayer is to bring our community together in a prayerful way and to share in the holy ritual of praying the rosary.

Monarch Award Winners

This award is given to one student from each homeroom in grades 3-8 who demonstrates the following attributes: shows effort, has a positive attitude, demonstrates appropriate behavior, models our Peace Builders principles, and is a Christian example for others.
List of Monarch Winners for this year:

  • Alyssa Smith, 3D
  • Charlotte Isaac, 3E
  • Evan Wilson, 4B
  • Carolina Bobzien, 4C
  • Ava Young, 4S
  • Ian Crittenden, 5B
  • Karter Kacsanek, 5C
  • Avery Krupp, 5K
  • Leo Feld, 6B
  • Liam Owens, 6G
  • Rafael Basa, 6S
  • Lilia Work, 7B
  • Thomas Meyer, 7V
  • Connor Gowin, 7W
  • Hayden Henn, 8B
  • Rocco Pfeiffer, 8R

Veterans Day

Every year, our 4th graders present a Veteran’s Day performance. After learning about Veterans in class, the 4th grade works hard to put on a performance to honor our Veterans. Veterans and their families are welcomed to school to come to this show and join the 4th graders for a reception.

Spelling Bee and Geography Bee

Spelling Bee Winners (Left to Right):

Kyle Krupp (7th Grade)

Rafael Basa (5th Grade)

8th Grade

Field Day