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Resource Classes

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Computer instruction at Saint Mary Academy has two purposes: to improve and expand activities in the general curriculum that relate to specific areas of instruction as well as the development of problem solving skills and to introduce students to computer technology in order to prepare them for high school. Computer literacy is taught in all grade levels. The goal of Saint Mary Academy is to integrate technology into the curriculum. The students and teachers use the computer lab and wireless carts as often as possible in conjunction with their regular classes. They also use the computer lab, media center, and wireless carts for research, projects and other activities to enhance their learning.

The goal of the library media program is to be a fully integrated part of the school and its curriculum. The media center serves these educational goals and objectives by providing a variety of resources and materials for the entire school community. Students in grades K-8 are offered opportunities and activities to enhance their learning experience through both traditional resources and new technologies. The facility is arranged to accommodate large or small group activities. The development of independent, responsible, life-llong media users is at the core of the program.

The basic knowledge of music and the enjoyment and appreciation of music are cultivated from Pre- School through Eighth grade through such activities as singing, guided listening to all types and styles of music, use of rhythm instruments, recorder classes, instruction in music history and theory, music games, and music writing and reading. Liturgical music is a vital area of our program. Preparation for school liturgies is an important part of our music program.

Art education is a comprehensive program designed to actively involve students in the many processes and materials of art. Exploration of the elements and tools of art, investigation of art history, and art appreciation help the students to express their feelings and ideas artistically. Most importantly, the students are given opportunities through their art projects to learn more about themselves and others. In order to promote a positive experience in the arts, students are encouraged to discuss their own work. Working from live models, on-site situations, or from slides, students are able to use their visual and mental abilities. Development of a sensitivity to art is further enhanced by viewing and discussing reproductions of famous artists' works.

Students in Pre-School through sixth grade participate in a weekly physical education class. The purpose is to educate minds, develop healthy bodies, and promote positive attitudes toward lifetime physical activity, fitness, and sports skills. The Physical Education program will empower each student with the knowledge and skills necessary to make responsible lifestyle choices that directly impact his/her health and well-being. The classes are planned in an active, caring, supportive and non-threatening atmosphere in which every student is challenged and successful. The students are provided a safe and positive learning environment where young lives are pointed in a direction toward healthy and active futures.

Students in Pre-school through eighth grade participate in Spanish classes. Eighth grade students receive daily Spanish instruction. Our children are exposed to the varied cultures of Spanishspeaking countries, and they learn to speak, read, and write Spanish.