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“I love that the teachers are very nice and helpful and that we are taught about being nice all the time.” - 3rd Grade Student

“SMA is a wonderful place to work. It is my home away from home and I enjoy coming to school and working with the students and my colleagues each day. Go Monarchs!” - Kindergarten Teacher

“Ms. Lutes tells us stories.”

“I like the food they serve.”

“The teachers are really nice.”

“You get to do crafts.”

“You learn about different animals.” - Kindergarten Classroom

“I love that it is ok to be yourself always at SMA. That the teachers are always there to help you along the way.” - 6th Grade Student

“It felt like home. It was a good mix of what my elementary school was like and my husband's elementary school too.” - Parent of a 8th Grade Student

“SMA has become a second home for my children. The warm and welcoming community is balanced with challenging academics. So the question of "why" becomes "why wouldn't you come"?” - Parent of a 4th and 7th Grade Student

“I love that SMA has amazing teachers; they are super nice and make sure you understand whatever they are teaching. You feel safe in the classrooms, and you never feel scared or embarrassed to ask a question or make a comment. I have lots of fun at school, even when the work is challenging!” - 6th Grade Student

“We take comfort in knowing SMA is using effective teaching strategies, where lesson plans include combining teacher - centered and student - centered approaches. This improves the learning experience for our children and sets them up for success in the years to come.” - Parent of a 1st, 7th, and 8th Grade Student

“My family has been a part of Saint Mary since inception. We have stayed not only because of the superior education, but for the way of life. Saint Mary has helped to provide stability and a moral compass for my daughters. The staff has always held them accountable to a higher standard, and darn if they don't achieve it!” - Parent of a 5th grade student

“I love SMA because all of the teachers are nice to me. They are kind and give me hugs every day.” - Kindergarten Student

“We LOVE SMA because….we have so much fun, great friends and can be ourselves. The faculty supports us and lets us be creative!” - 8th Grade Student

“I love that SMA is a catholic school, and so we have mass. That mass is my special time with God, and I am thankful that I have that time with God and the time to go over to Church on Thursdays.” - 6th Grade Student

“I love SMA because we have amazing teachers here. We love each other and we are just one big happy family that love going to school together. I couldn’t be happier.” “What I love about SMA is that we have kind, wonderful, loving teachers.” “What I love about SMA is that we get to go to church every Thursday.”- 3rd Grade Classroom

“I love SMA because some of my best friends are here. The teachers have engaged my learning in amazing ways and showed me there is no wrong way to learn. Everyone here is helpful and inspiring in a unique way. Each day I come home with an amazing story. I love learning about God and having the blessed opportunity to be able to go to church. Every day is like a chest and learning is the key. I always find the key to open a treasure of discoveries. These reasons are what makes up SMA, and I am proud to be a student here.”- 4th Grade Student

“I love how at Saint Mary Academy you are free to express your outlooks on life, both religious beliefs and values that are a part of you. Saint Mary Academy is a place that will really leave an impact on your heart and really set you up for success. This is something that I have been a part of since preschool, and I am blessed to know that the people here care about me. Saint Mary Academy is the place to make friendships that last and learn skills that will send you into the real world with the right mindset. Everyone is like a second family to me; SMA is like a home away from home. I can't imagine grade school any other way!”- 6th Grade Student

"We have been a part of the Saint Mary Academy community for the past 7 years, we know our children are loved and cared for by their teachers and the staff every day. Our children are encouraged to be their best self and are given many opportunities, including weekly Mass, to discuss and celebrate their Catholic faith. We are proud to be a part of the SMA community." - Parent of a 2nd and 4th Grade Student

“What I love about SMA is that the students and teachers really care about each other. The teachers at SMA don't have this job for the money, them seem to really care and love to teach the students. The kids are really nice to each other. Also i like how the work is challenging instead of just being easy all the time.” - 6th Grade Student

“We love SMA because the teachers meet students where they are. They find the unique qualities in every student that make them special and celebrate them!” - Parent of a 3rd and 6th Grade Student

“We believe in catholic education and have found Saint Mary Academy to extraordinary, both in faith formation and in academics. The faculty, staff, and administration are amazing, both at the school and parish, and I know my kids are receiving a high - quality education. I can't say enough great things about Fr. Jeff Nicholas and Principal Lisa Kelly!” - Parent of 3rd and 6th Grader

“I like that SMA believes in God and Jesus. We also have great teachers!”

“SMA has pride and believes in me. They also have great teachers that help us through things and believes in God.”

“I like SMA because of happiness, respectful, cheerful, friends and nice teachers.”

“I like SMA because of my teachers and friends. At SMA you can learn about many things.”

“I like SMA because we have kind teachers and a kind principal. Also, we get to learn about Jesus.”

“I like SMA because SMA has really nice teachers. We also get to learn about JESUS!” - 2nd Grade Classroom

“What I love about SMA is that the teachers encourage us to do our absolute best. They don't go easy on us and that helps us to do our best work each and every day.” - 6th Grade Student

“Ms. Smith and Ms. Dickert care for our son as though he is their own and strive every day to make him the best person he can be. We are so thankful we chose SMA and are fortunate to be part of the SMA family!” - Parent of a Kindergarten Student

“I love SMA because I have kind friends.”

“I love SMA because I get to learn about Jesus”

“I love SMA because we make good friends here.”

“I love SMA because we have fun teachers.” - First Grade Classroom

“SMA is a wonderful community of families participating in church, school, and athletics who are striving to be their best. Teachers are determined to go beyond the status quo in the classroom. Curriculum is routinely discussed; what are we doing, what can we do, how do we make it better. We are thankful to be able to send our kids to a school with high standards that also nurtures and promotes their personal well being.” - Parent of a 2nd and 4th Grader

“We are thrilled with all the opportunities our children have at Saint Mary Academy. To participate in service learning through outreach to different organizations in our community. The students truly live the gospel message to be 'our brothers’ keepers.'” -Parent of a 7th and 4th Grade Students

“I love SMA because you can go to church and learn about Jesus and be apart of the Christian community. I also love SMA because you always meet new friends and you have really nice teachers that give you good educations. The food here is delicious and it is served by are amazing lunch ladies who everyday put in the hard work to make every meal special for all the kids at Saint Mary Academy. The thing that makes SMA special is all the students that go here and because we are all cared for and the staff that is always ready to help succeed.” – 4th Grade Student

“One reason I love SMA is because this school has taught me so much. In this school all of the teachers work very hard to teach us how to be kind and respectful. I can clearly see how I have learned so much over the years. It is so fun watching all of the students grow up and learn so much. Also, SMA is not like other schools. We celebrate our accomplishments and spirits. Even though we have to learn we also take the time have some fun and celebrate. Finally the most important reason, I think, we get to learn about Jesus and God. We are a catholic school. When we go to church and we learn about it in school, we learn how to be respectful and kind.” – 4th Grade Student

“I love SMA because all of the teachers are nice and always help the students. All of the students are nice and everyone is good friends with one another. I love SMA because the school is very good and everyone learns well. There is lots of school spirit and everyone is nice and helpful. There are great resource classes like PE, art, technology, Spanish, library, and music. There is a great cafeteria and gym for big sporting events. There is a great athletic and academic program with lots of school activities. These are the reasons why I love S.M.A.” – 4th Grade Student

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