Catholic Identity

Saint Mary Academy was founded in 2008 and is the Parish School of the Catholic Community of Saint Bernadette.

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The mission of Saint Mary Academy is to educate students spiritually, academically, emotionally and socially through a curriculum rooted in the Roman Catholic faith. Students are educated in a manner which fosters academic excellence, provides a supportive atmosphere and develops students to be responsible, moral members of their church and community.

Religious Formation

Parents are the primary educators for the religious formation of their children. There is no greater way to pass on our Catholic lifestyle than through modeling. Parents are asked to play an active role in Family Life and Religious Education. As a Catholic school, prayer permeates the entire religious program. Educators model prayer for the students. Quiet moments of prayer add serenity and peace to the program. Students, faculty and staff have several opportunities throughout the day to pray together. Students attend liturgy weekly throughout the school year. When Holy Days of Obligation fall on school days, the children also have the opportunity to celebrate the Eucharist. Time is set aside for non- Eucharistic prayer, preparation, and reflection on the weekend parish celebration of the Eucharist. Students may also gather for special liturgies throughout the school year. Sacramental preparation is a major focus of our religious formation program. Celebrating sacraments is one of the Church’s most important activities. At Saint Mary Academy, our purpose is to initiate our children into celebrations that express and enliven Christian life.


Saint Mary Academy is a school where each child’s academic, spiritual and emotional needs are met at the highest level possible. In partnership with parents, Faculty and Administrators support students in their academic efforts and model Christian behavior and values each day. Students feel safe emotionally and physically and are encouraged to develop creative expression and pursue individual talents. Saint Mary Academy maintains a model Catholic community that encourages each member to grow toward fulfillment as a total person and a child of God.

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Our students participate in weekly school liturgies which are planned by the children. Each grade level has the opportunity several times throughout the school year to plan the liturgy, be lectors, read the petitions, be gift bearers, altar servers, and sing in the choir.